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Serial #: 41-7215
Construction #: 15-554
Civil Registration:
Model: P-39F
Name: None
Status: Restoration
Last info: 2002
Forced landing near Weipa, Queensland, May 1, 1942.
- Abandoned until 1972.
- Recovered by Cairns Aircraft Recovery Group, Sep. 1972.
Cairns Aircraft Recovery Group, Cairns, Queensland, 1972-1990.
- Stored.
- Stored Mount Isa, Queensland, 1987-1992.
- Restored for static display commenced, 1972-1992.
Ian Mulluns, Condon, Townesville, Queensland, 1990-2000.
- Restored fuselage stored, Mossman, Queensland, 1992-2000.
- Wings under restoration. Townsville, Queensland, 1992-2000.
Precision Aerospace Productions, Glenrowan, Victoria, 2000-2002.
- Restoration to airworthy, Wangaratta, Victoria, 2002.

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