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Lockheed P-38 Lightning/44-53015

Serial #: 44-53015
Construction #: 8270
Civil Registration:
Name: Pudgy V
Status: Display
Last info: 2002
Rex H. Mays, CA, 1946-1947.
- Purchased from War Asset Administration, Kingman, AZ for $1,250, 1946.
- Registered as NX57492.
- Bendix Racer #55/MacMillan Meteor
Robert B. Utterbeck, Costa Rica, Dec. 1948-1951.
Edward C. Waterman, Oct. 17, 1951.
- Registered as N9957F.
Hycon Aerial Surveys, Ontario, CA, Nov. 1955-1962.
- Retired, Dec. 1959.
- Stored, Las Vegas, NV, 1960-1962.
Tallmanz Movieland Of The Air Museum, Orange County, CA, 1962-1966
Rosen Novak Auto Co, Omaha, NE, 1966-1967.
- Remained displayed with Tallmanz Collection.
Walter H. Erikson, Minneapolis, MN, 1968-1970.
Devid Tallichet/Yesterday's Air Force/MARC, Chino, CA, 1970-1980
- Fitted with fighter nose.
- Flew as 453015/KI-W.
Gary R. Larkins/RMP Aviation, Colfax, CA, 1980-1981.
USAF Museum, McGuire AFB, NJ, 1981-2002.
- Delivered by air, flown by Tallichet, May 4, 1981.
- Damaged during landing, Memphis, TN (repaired), MArch 1981.
- Displayed on pedestal as Pudgy V/131.

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Photo Source(s):
Linda Carry.
Brian Lockett - Goleta Air & Space Museum

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Pat Carry/WIX