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Serial #: HR339
Construction #: -
Civil Registration:
Model: FB Mk. VI
Name: None
Status: Remains
Last info: 2002
Built by Standard Motors, Coventry, 19??.
Delivered to RAF as HR339, 1944.
- Allocated to No 487 (New Zealand) Squadron, Throney Island, Nov. 23, 1944.
Delivered to RNZAF as NZ2382, 1947.
- Ferried from Perry, UK to Wigram, New Zealand, departing Oct. 16, 1947.
- Eventually became an instructional airframe.
- Up for disposal, Woodbourne AB, 1955.
-- Wore markings from 75 Squadron/YC-C.
Bruce Goodwin, Pigeon Bay, New Zealand, 1955-1972.
- Dismantled.
- Nose given to neighbor for childrens playground.
- Fuselage rotted , remainder of airframe and wings stored.
Philip & David Ferguson, 1972.
- Recovered aircraft from Goodwin.
Ferrymead Aeronautical Society, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1972-2002.
- Substantial remains.
- Wings & undercarriage used in rebuild of TE758/NZ2328.

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