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Serial #: 44-86724
Construction #:
Civil Registry:
Model: B-25J
Name: None
Status: Display
Last Info: 2002
Delivered to RCAF as 5203.
- BOC: July 6, 1951.
- SOC: Apr. 26, 1962.
Avaco Service, Clareshom, Alberta, 1962.
- Registered as CF-NTU.
- Ferried to Kamloops, BC, circa 1962.
Reported derelict & unconverted, Kamloops, BC, 1971.
CFB Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1974-2002.
- Displayed at gate as "5203 RCAF Training Command".

Kamloops, BC circa 1971.

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Photo Source(s):
James Bowser via Big Things Of Canada,
J. Whitehead.