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"Sunday Punch"


Serial #: 44-86698
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Name: Sunday Punch
Status: Airworthy
Last info: 2002
Delivered to USAAF, June 15, 1945.
- Built at North American's Kansas City, KA
- Put into storage at Independence, MO. and Peyote, TX.
- Removed from storage and sent to Brookley Air Depot, AL, Oct. 1951.
- Rebuilt as TB-25J.
Delivered to RCAF as #5248
- BOC: Dec. 1951
- SOC: Nov. 30, 1961
- Redesignated B-25 Mk. III
Hicks & Lawrence Lt, Ostrander, Ontario, Dec. 1961-1965.
- Registered as CF-NWU
Eldon M. Armostrong, Toronto, Ontario, May 1965.
Charles M. Armstrong, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Oct. 1965-1967
L.H. Vance and T.M. Cooper of Addison, TX, Sep. 1967-1968
Texas United Flyers, Dallas, TX, Aug. 1968-1969.
- Registered as N534VT.
I.N. "Junior" Burchinal, Paris, TX, 1969-1975.
- Used at Flying Tiger Air Museum and flight training school.
Daniel Jackson, Seymour, TX, Sept. 1975-1978.
- Loaned to SST Aviation Museum in Kissimmee, FL, 1978
G&M Aircraft, Alberta, Aug. 1982-1997.
- Registered as C-GUNO, May 1983.
- Flew as firebomber #3, later #338.
- Withdrawn from service, 1992.
- Last operational B-25 tanker.
Lyn Hunt, Steve Penning, & Bill Manly/Aerocrafters, Santa Roas, CA, Oct. 1998.
- Registered as N325N.
Mitchell Mania LLC, Santa Rosa, CA, Oct. 1998-2002.
- Restored to military configuration, fitted with 12 gun nose, 1998-2001.
- Based at Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport.
- Flown as Sunday Punch.

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