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Serial #: 44-30925
Construction #:
Civil Registry:
Name: None
Status: Stored
Last Info: 2005
Delivered to USAAF as 44-30925, 19??.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Aug. 1958-1960.
National Metals Co, Phoenix, AZ, 1960.
- Registered as N9494Z.
John Carter & Will Baptist, Sacramento, CA, July 1960-1964.
Empco-Aire, Lakeview, OR, Aug. 1964-1966.
Virgil W. Ellis, Boulder, CO, Mar. 1966.
John C. Estes, Beaumont, TX, Apr. 1966-1968.
Filmways Inc, Hollywood, CA, Dec. 1968-1970.
- Flew in movie Catch-22 as "Laden Maiden", 1968-1969.
Confederate Air Force, Harlingen, TX, Feb. 1970-1972.
Wayne Turner/Michael Zahn, Lubbock, TX, Feb. 1972-1975.
John J. Stokes, San Marcos, TX, Sept. 1975-1978.
- Flew as 430925/61/"Laden Maiden".
John Hawke/Visionair International Inc, Miami, FL, Apr. 1978-1995.
- Arrived in Luton, UK, May 11, 1978.
- Used in movie "Hannover Street".
-- Flew as 151632/"Georgeous George-Ann" (later "Thar She Blows")
- Stored Blackbushe after filming, 1978-1982.
- Trucked from Blackbushe to Wellesbourne Mountford, Oct. 1982.
- Trucked to Coventry, and stored, 1985-1994.
World Wide Aircraft Ltd, Aug. 1995.
Removed from USCR, Aug. 14, 1995.
Aces High Ltd, North Weald, Aug. 18, 1995-1998.
- Registered as G-BWGR.
- Stored, dismantled.
David Copley/Imperial Aviation Group, North Coutes (later Sandtoft), UK, 1998-2001.
- Stored pending restoration to airworthy, Sandtoft, 2001.
Brussels Air Museum Foundation, Belgium, 2005.

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