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B-25 Mitchell/44-30692

Serial #: 44-30692
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Name: None
Status: Displayed
Last Info: 2001
Manufactured by North American Aviation, Kansas City, KS.
Delivered to USAAF as 44-30692.
– BOC: Feb. 12, 1945.
– SOC: April 1958.
– Assigned to 3020th AAF Base Unit (Advanced Two-Engine Pilot School, ATC),
   La Junta AAF CO, Feb 1945.
– Transferred to 3018th AAF Base Unit (Flexible Gunnery School, ATC),
   Kingman AAF AZ, Mar 1945.
– Transferred to 3014th AAF Base Unit (Advanced Two-Engine Pilot School, ATC),
   Douglas AAF AZ, Sep 1945.
– Transferred to 2539th AAF Base Unit (ATC), Foster AAF TX, Nov 1945.
– Transferred to 2532nd AAF Base Unit (ATC), Randolph AAF TX, Dec 1945.
– Transferred to 2109th AAF Base Unit (ATC), Turner AAF GA, Apr 1946.
– Transferred to 2621st AAF Base Unit (ATC), Barksdale AAF LA, May 1946.
– Transferred to 3500th Pilot Training Wing (ATC), Barksdale AFB LA, Aug 1948.
– Transferred to 3502nd Training Squadron (ATC), Tyndall AFB FL, Oct 1949.
– Transferred to 3625th Training Wing (ATC), Tyndall AFB, Sep 1950.
– Transferred to Hughes Aircraft, Culver City CA (converted to TB-25K), May 1951.
– Transferred to 3565th Basic Pilot Training Wing (ATC), James Connally AFB TX, Sep 1951 .
– Transferred to 3565th Aerial Observer Training Wing (ATC), James Connally AFB
   (deployments to Greenville AFB SC and Davis-Monthan AFB AZ), Oct 1955.
– Transferred to 3565th Navigator Training Wing (ATC), James Connally AFB, Sep 1956.
– Transferred to Arizona Aircraft Storage Branch (Air Materiel Command),
   Davis-Monthan AFB AZ, Aug 1957-1958.
O.H. Hine/Maricopa Dust & Spray Inc, Maricopa, AZ, June 16, 1958-1965.
– Converted to fire tanker, May 1961.
— Fitted with 1,280 gallon tank.
– Operated by Sonora Flying Service, Silver City, NM, 1961.
Allied Aircraft Sales, Phoenix, AZ, Sept. 1965.
ICAO/Civil Aviation Training Centre, Mexico City, Mexico, Sept. 1965.
San Juan de Aragon Park, Mexico City, Mexico, 1990-2001.
– Displayed in park, poor condition.
– Fitted with belly borate tank.
– Marked as XL-7 with sharks mouth on nose.

Goodall, Geoff - Warbirds Directory-4th Edition, 2003.
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