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Serial #: 44-29835
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Name: None
Status: Display
Last Info: 2002
Delivered to USAAF as 44-29835, 19??.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Aug. 1958-1959.
Donald Aircraft, Tucson, AZ, July 1959.
- Registered as N3676G.
V. Stadtter, Pharr, TX, Aug. 1959-1960.
Jerome A. Eddy, San Antonio, TX, Feb. 1960-1964.
Francis Ragsdale, San Antonio, TX, Feb. 1961.
Howard K. Roth, Sedona, AZ, Feb. 1961-1965.
- Fitted with 1,170 gallon tank in bombay, July 1961.
Rowsey Development Inc, Kerrville, TX, Mar. 1965-1967.
Charles F Rowsey, Austin, TX, Feb. 1967.
Confederate Air Force, Mercedes (later Harlingen), TX, June 1967-1980.
USAF Museum, Lackland AFB, TX, Oct. 1980-2002
- Trucked to Lackland, dismantled, for restoration, 1980.
- Dedicated, Lackland AFB, Dec. 12, 1980.
- Displayed as B-25H/35103.

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Photo Source(s):
Chuck Gardner, 1992.
Steve Tournay, 1992.