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Serial #: 41-30222
Construction #:
Civil Registry:
Model: B-25D
Name: None
Status: Display
Last Info: 2002
Delivered to USAAF as 41-30222.
- Assigned to 380 BG, flew as "Hawg-mouth".
- Forced landed 75 miles east of Tennant Creek, NT, Jan. 25, 1945.
Darwin Aviation Historical Society, Darwin, NT, June 1974.
- Recovered and towed out of desert.
East Point Artillery Museum, Darwin, NT, 1974-1976.
- Displayed unrestored.
Aviation Historical Society of NT/Darwin Aviation Museum, Darwin, NT, 1976-1990.
Australian Aviation Heritage Center, Darwin, NT, 1990-2002.
- Restoration completed except for rear fuselage and tail plane.
- Displayed in olive drab scheme as "Hawg-Mouth".

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Photo Source(s):
Han de Ridder

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